Lawyer in Spain


Read "Don Quijote"



You start a business or want to live in Spain so you will get in touch with Spanish people, cultures, history, rules,habits, etc. Already you have learned a little bit of Spanish and you also want to know more about the Spaniards themselves. To know more about them you could read a hand book or textbook about Spain.

Our advice, if you want to learn something about the Spanish, is to read the “DON QUICHOTE DE LA MANCHA”. There is no other book that better describes the character of the Spaniards as this one. It is by far the most well-known and one of the greatest literary works of the world. It is witty, timeless and shows not only the Spanish but even the universal characteristics of the human kind.

In his “Spirit of the laws”, Montesquieu distinguishes between “virtue” and “honour” as the basis of morality of society. Although virtue is omnipresent in Spain, there is no doubt that “honour,” as known by the mediaeval nobleman, such as Don Quijote, in Spain very much still exists. That might explain why the “Don Quijote” in Spain is still a popular book.

A good personal relation is of great importance in Spain. You will gain respect if you have shown interest in Spanish culture and can talk about the book of “Don Quijote”. Learn the first paragraph by heart and you will be held in great respect!

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