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Don´t worry ... (“No se preocupe ...”).


Don´t worry ... (“No se preocupe ...”).

Everybody who knows the Mediterranean knows this phrase. In Spain it is “No se preocupe” or in Italy “Non si preoccupare”. It carries good intentions and signifies the interest people take in good personal relationships. In Spain, the way you are treated is as important as what is said.

It is also often a signal that there is a real reason that you have to be concerned because Spanish use it when they do not have any solutions to your problem and therefore are trying to comfort you.

This means that you have to take control of the situation which is a difficult matter if you do not speak the language and do not know the culture very well. It is better to rely on capable legal advisers and lawyers with whom you are able to communicate without difficulties.

Try to contract lawyers who are used to thinking and acting pro-actively and who understand the different cultural backgrounds and various way of thinking. De Haan & Mulder are ready for it!

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