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De Haan & Mulder is an international law firm in Spain focussed on Dutch and other non-Spanish companies and individuals with interests in Spain. The partners Boris Mulder and Jan Willem de Haan, are both more than twenty years lawyer in Spain (“abogado”) and almost twenty five years Dutch lawyer. With associates they form a solid "hands on" team of lawyers. They are supported by an experienced and talented team of administrative personnel.


What is unique about our law practice?



Most people are familiar with only one culture or country, even if they speak more than one language. Speaking French does not automatically mean that you know your way around in France. Knowing the language but not knowing the culture sufficiently can get you in dire straits.


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Corporate and commercial law

Litigation practice

Our clients are always assisted by one of our partners so quality is guaranteed! You will not be put off with inexperienced “juniors”. De Haan & Mulder have been rendering legal services to foreign corporations, entrepreneurs, and businesses in Spain for over fifteen years.

Onderhandelen en contracteren in Spanje

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De Haan & Mulder is specialized in international litigation that involves various jurisdictions. Its partners are admitted to legal practice in Spain and The Netherlands.


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Article Mr Online - November 2015

The European convergence: from a "top down" to a "bottom up" model


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The "unknown unknows" of the Spanish legal practice...


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Fourteen lawyers in fourteen different countries recently started an international juridical collaboration...


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Zaken doen in Spanje vereist een realistische visie op wat het land is, doet en kan. Dat begint met een goed beeld van de achtergrond van Spanje.......


Launch DBLA is a fact - Autumn 2013

As from today Dutch Business Lawyers Abroad concentrates forces of Dutch lawyers who work abroad. "Familiarity with both the Dutch as well as the local legal practice, language and culture is an important feature of the association.

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