In 2012, Jan Willem de Haan and Boris Mulder have practised law for 25 years of which 20 years in Spain. This experience means that many corporations, entrepreneurs and private individuals choose De Haan & Mulder. We, like no other Spanish or Dutch lawyers, understand the needs of foreign corporations and foreigners in this country.

In 1992 both Jan Willem de Haan and Boris Mulder, got the same idea to work as lawyers in Spain. Boris Mulder in Valencia and Jan Willem de Haan in Barcelona.

1992 was an important year for Spain. It was the year of the successful Olympic Games in Barcelona, the World Exposition in Seville and the 500 year commemoration of the discovery of the Americas. Last but not least, it was the culmination of Spain’s entry in the EU. In short, 1992 was the definitive end of the long isolation of Spain in Europe.

From the start both lawyers encountered a great demand from foreign corporations and individuals for legal service and both lawyers created a prosperous legal practice.

The admission of both lawyers to the Spanish Bar enabled them to consolidate their practice.

In 1999, Boris Mulder and Jan Willem de Haan decided to merge their practices and continue as De Haan & Mulder abogados – advocaten. In the same year, they moved into their present offices at Calle Balmes 76, in the heart of the Eixample- area of Barcelona.

The current financial crisis has not weakened our commitment to good legal advice for foreign companies and businessmen active in Spain. On the contrary, it has strengthened our belief that the future is with those law firms that reach out over the borders incorporating different European cultures. The proof is in the eating of the pudding and since the outbreak of the crisis we have been busy like never before.



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