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Summoned to appear in a Spanish court

If your company does business in Spain or with Spanish companies and a conflict arises, prepare yourself or your company for an (unexpected) service of a summons to appear before a Spanish court. If that happens, you do not only have to be prepared, but also act without delay.

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De Haan & Mulder is specialized in international litigation that involves various jurisdictions.
Its partners are admitted to legal practice in Spain and The Netherlands. Their experience, however, is not limited to those two countries but includes countless others.
Our services are focused on the corporation, entrepreneur and private individuals who, willingly or not, get involved in legal proceedings in Spain.
If you are thinking of litigating in Spain or The Netherlands, against a Spanish or Dutch party or enforcement of judgement in either country, arbitration in one of these jurisdictions, freezing orders in Spain, you should hire De Haan & Mulder as your advisor.

There are not many law firms in Spain that are exclusively focussed on the international cross-border practice that have the experience of De Haan & Mulder
Should you, as a corporation or as an individual, have such a problem we recommend you to contact us. We can explain why we, thanks to our unique knowledge and experience, are the lawyers to help you to solve your problem or to assist you.
Bear in mind that in Spain, the courts and procedures do not only function differently, their functioning is usually more deficient than the courts in your country or jurisdiction. For that reason, legal assistance in clear and direct language from lawyers who are aware of the differences between Spain and other countries is an indispensable added value.

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