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When you, as a foreign company or entrepreneur, do business in Spain or with a Spanish counterpart, you might end up in a disadvantageous situation since you are “not at home but away”.

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De Haan & Mulder have been rendering legal services to foreign corporations, entrepreneurs and businesses in Spain for over fifteen years. The services cover practically all the areas a company or entrepreneur will deal with.

Our clients are both small and medium-sized companies and major corporations listed on stock exchanges around the world.

We have the know-how and experience of all important practice areas and our small size allows us to act rapidly and come quickly to the point when solving legal problems in Spain.

Our firm is exclusively focussed on cross-borders matters. Our clients get a national and international lawyer: two for the price of one. Imagine getting legal assistance as a foreign entrepreneur or responsible manager of a foreign corporation doing business in Spain from lawyers for whom 80% of their work is in counselling non-resident entrepreneurs and investors.

The lawyers of De Haan & Mulder do not only think with their clients. No, in fact, they think for their clients. It is our experience that the cultural barrier hampers our clients to have a good understanding of all legal questions in Spain. That is why clients rely on De Haan & Mulder for understanding their legal issues in Spain.




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