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The Spanish real estate sector has until 2008 experienced tremendous during the last ten years before. Such growth has attracted many foreign investors from second home buyers to project developers. Both classes of investors belonged (and still belong) to our clientele.

We built up considerable expertise of De Haan & Mulder includes analysis and due diligence of transactions and procedures of all sorts of real estate, constructions, zoning plans and building licences. We also deal with drafting and negotiating purchase and sales contracts, drafting and filing for zoning plans and amendments of it, drafting and negotiating construction contracts, building licences etc. In other words, we deal with all aspects of developing projects and real estate.

Finally, we gained wide knowledge and experience in the field of legal procedures against construction companies because of bad or late delivery of projects and against Spanish administration agencies because of problems with zoning plans and building licences.

Since 2008 the Spanish real estate sector has completely collapsed and still today 2012 no signs of recovery are anywhere to be seen. The problem lies with the Spanish banks that should but cannot offload the real estate on their problems because the market and the balance sheets of these banks would collapse.

Nevertheless opportunities can be found always and the market will recover somewhere in the future. Spain remains attractive as second home market for retired northern Europeans.

De Haan & Mulder have obtained their expertise by counselling on a large number of development projects, negotiations with and procedures against municipal and other Spanish public entities, construction companies, and utility companies.

As a foreign investor or project developer, you will find legal support, experience, and education at De Haan & Mulder that you will not find at other law firms especially now that the crisis has affected the market completely.

De Haan & Mulder actively thinks ahead for you to find where the opportunities might be in the future. 

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