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Although I have lived in the Netherlands for 50 years, I feel that I have my roots in Spain. I passed my youth and childhood in Valencia and this part of my life still has an important role in my life and in my work.

The light, the colours and the sea, the mosaics and tiles and as well as other vestiges from the Arabic age are a part of the city that have helped determine my esthetic preferences.

I was born in 1936 in Valencia, in a turbulent period, just for the beginning of the civil war. I went to the Spanish school and later I passed the Abitur (German school examination).

For this reason I was allowed to study in 1956 in the famous “Hochschule für Gestaltung” at Ulm, Germany, where Max Bill was the superintendent. The hfg was conceived as a continuation of the Bauhaus, which had an important role in the twenties in Germany regarding modern art.

The school was not an academy of arts but it was directed towards design in all kinds of the day-to-day life and the surroundings.

The ideas of Max Bill and the school buildings designed by him, opened my eyes to modern architecture. Life with teachers and students from all over the world has had a great influence on my development.

The classes I took that had the most direct influence on my work, are the classes of Heléne Nonne Schmidt. She was the assistant to Paul Klee in the Bauhaus. During her classes about colours and chromatics, I learned to paint a very long differentiated series of colours.



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